NOVOS NMN Supplement Review

NOVOS NMN supplements


The NOVOS company was founded in the US, New York in 2019. One of the founders of NOVOS is Dr. Kris Verburgh specializes in aging and longevity. This company is one of the first human longevity companies to address the Mechanisms of Aging through its innovative and patent-pending formulations. One of the products is the NOVOS boost (NMN supplement).

Properties of the product

NOVOS Boost is made of high-purity (> 99%) β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (β-NMN) with no additional ingredients. The supplements are designed to support energy, metabolism, and cognitive functions. The daily dose of the company’s NMN supplement is 250mg. This amount is divided into two capsules of 125 mg each.

Nevertheless, as a minimum dose, NOVOS company advises taking between 250 mg and 500 per day (2-4 capsules) regularly. To achieve an energy boost, NOVOS advises taking 3-7 capsules together. The high pill count may be due to the non-liposomal product. Non-liposomal NMN is degraded by stomach acid, so regular NMN may require more doses than the liposomal form of the supplement.

Manufacturers claim that their product uses a new generation of NMN, which is more stable, but it is advised to store it in a cool and dark place.

This product is suitable for vegans. There are no colorants, preservatives, or additives. It is also gluten-free. 


The capsule size is 0, pearl-colored, and made of vegetable cellulose. Due to the small size of the capsule, it is easy to swallow. Inside the capsule is 125 mg of soft, white, and non-liposomal NMN powder.


The NOVOS booster comes in an unbranded box. 60 capsules of NOVOS NMN supplements are packed in a 150 cc amber glass bottle with a black lid. The bottle is protected with a neck seal. There is also cotton wool and a moisture-absorbent bag inside the bottle. The amber glass container protects the capsule from sunlight and the moisture bag ensures uniform humidity inside.

Quality Standards

The product is manufactured in the US according to ISO9001 and GMP (Good Manufactory Practise) standards. Each product series is tested by two independent laboratories (third-party testing).

Where To Buy It?

This product is only available on the official website of Novoslabs. NOVOS products are not available on Amazon or Walmart.


A bottle of NOVOS booster costs $39. If you compare the price with competitors, it is in the middle. It is worth noting that if you decide to take more than two pills a day, the price will increase for the month. Therefore, it is not the best choice for those who want to take higher doses than 250 mg per day.